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Taperoo -a mine of grit 2nd Edition (eBook)


The History of the Taperoo South Australia

Once again Heather has written a book combining records and references to a community, Taperoo, South Australia.  Outsiders pictured Taperoo as a flat feature less sand plain of Housing Trust dwellings and social underdogs; but it is in fact a fascinating curiosity shop with surprising small happenings and endearing personalities.

The sole reason for its rapid development after World War II was the need for a dormitory enclave where workers in Port Adelaide and Osborne industries could be housed.  It is a smallish rather obscure suburb on LeFevre Peninsula; it begins unequivocally at Strathfield Terrace but its northern boundaries have fluctuated from time to time, notably with the development of stylish North Haven.  It is impossible to sketch Taperoo’s evolution without repeated reference to Osborne and Outer Harbor.

Heather has based the book chiefly on oral and eye-witness accounts; no written summary has emerged to date.  Readily accessible sources such as Mayor’s Annual Reports and Sands & McDougall Directories yield very few clues to this development; but methodical examination of material in the Lands Titles Office, National Archives and annual reports of authorities like the South Australian Harbors Board, the Housing Trust and others, permit sidelong glimpses of Taperoo in the wider picture.

Heather’s book is a must have for fellow history enthusiasts.  It is well-indexed and has a Bibliography lists for further exploration.